How to Hang a Mirror on Wall

hang a mirror on the wall


Solid wall and Plasterboard hanging kits can be purchased from our store here.


With the exception of irregular shaped items (e.g. Heart shaped mirrors) our mirrors can be used both wall hanging or leaning, depending on its safe location and environment.

It is essential your wall mirror is hung on a wall of suitable load bearing capacity. Please seek advice if you are unsure about your wall, particularly when looking hanging large wall mirrors and full length mirrors.

Please note there are a variety of fixings available for different wall types. Please seek advice to ensure you have the correct type for your wall. Please also ensure your intended hanging area is not situated close to electrical wiring or pipes. We supply standard hanging kits for solid and plasterboard walls.

DO NOT USE chain, wire or cord to hang any mirror! 2 SCREWS ARE REQUIRED. Wall mounting through the use of wire can create unintended inwards force on the hooks which can cause failure, in some cases almost instantly.

We do not recommend using your mirror close to areas of high heat or high moisture.


Decide which way you would like to hang the mirror based on the hangers provided. Some mirrors can only be hung one way, i.e. square mirrors, round mirrors or some irregular shaped mirrors.

Measure the distance between the 2 hangers fitted to the back of the mirror.

Use a spirit level to mark the distance on the wall, this will be the distance between your 2 screws/fixings.

Drill 2 holes for the wall fixings and screws. Please leave approx. 10mm of the screw protruding from the wall.

We recommend that the screws should be drilled at a slight angle to ensure the mirror will be secure.

Hang the mirror onto the 2 screws, ensuring that the hangers are securely over the screw head.


If you intend to use your mirror floor or mantle standing, we would advise securing the top of the mirror to the wall to prevent it from tilting forward. If possible, placing the mirror on a non slip surface would also aid the mirror in remaining upright.


Do not strike the mirror glass with any hard or pointed object

Do not position the mirror close to excessive heat or moisture.

Do not use abrasive cleaning substances to clean the mirror.

Do not hang the mirror in areas with risk of accidental impact.

If you require further guidance or information, please contact by email:


  • Up to 10kg – Suitable to all wall types.
  • 11-20kg – Suitable to most wall types (additional fixtures may be required depending on your wall type.).
  • 21-45kg Suitable to solid wall types, however additional fixtures can be purchased from our store which can enable wall mounting onto plasterboard wall types.

Solid wall and Plasterboard hanging kits can be purchased from our store here.

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