The Do’s and Don’ts of Placing a Full-Length Mirror

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If you are looking to lift your living environment with a full-length mirror, choosing where to put it is going to be your biggest challenge. Finding the best place to put a full-length mirror requires a little thought.

Mirrors are much more than a place to check your hair. They can enhance the overall look and feel of an interior space. In this guide, we will help you pinpoint the perfect place for your full-length mirror. We will run through some do’s and don’ts that will help you get the most from your mirror, ensuring it contributes to the beauty and harmony of your space.

Do: Consider the Lighting

Lighting is the single most important thing to consider when placing a full-length mirror.

Mirrors can capture and redistribute light, brightening a room and creating warmth. However, if placed badly, a mirror will bring excessive glare into a space.

Placing mirrors to reflect part-time morning/sunset light can hugely impact the mood and feel of a room, making spaces feel more vibrant or chilled at different times throughout the day.

To get a nice effect from your mirror, position it near a window where it can catch natural light and ambient lighting. Try to avoid direct sunlight hitting the mirror, as this might create uncomfortable glare in your room. The careful placement of a mirror can help transform a dimly lit area into a bright, welcoming space.

Do: Opt for Strategic Placement

Resist the urge to hang your mirror on any old wall. Instead, you should carefully consider the placement and position to enhance the room’s existing decor and architecture.

To give you specific ideas, if you have a beautiful view from a window, a particularly interesting piece of art hanging on a wall,  or unique pieces of furniture, you might want to sit a large full-length mirror across from these features. This can help further magnify the beauty of your space, sharing that view throughout the room!

The strategic placement of a full-length mirror will enhance your room’s best characteristics. This is especially important in shared spaces such as living rooms or dining rooms. A large full-length mirror becomes a focal point and conversation starter amongst friends, family and visitors as you sit at the coffee table enjoying a drink together and admiring your mirror!

Don’t: Ignore Room Proportions

The scale, size and proportion of the room are also important to consider.

Large mirrors won’t always work in small spaces. They might overwhelm the room, swamping the space instead of enhancing it. On the other hand, a small mirror won’t make a big enough statement in a large space. The mirror will be lost and insignificant in a big room, failing to make an impression.

To find the balance, don’t ignore room proportions. Find a mirror size that works with your room, especially in small spaces where you need to create the illusion of more room without overwhelming the look and feel.

Do: Secure Properly for Safety

Safety is key when placing a full-length mirror, especially in homes with young children, pets or lots of foot traffic. To prevent accidents, ensure the mirror is securely attached to the wall or adequately supported by a base if you are placing floor mirrors.

When hanging your full-length mirror, make sure you use good fixtures and fittings that will offer enough grip. A securely hung mirror protects and safeguards residents, but it also ensures the longevity of the mirror itself.

Don’t: Place Opposite Clutter

Mirrors reflect their immediate environment, so placing the mirror opposite a clutter-free and aesthetically appealing space is essential.

If you place the mirror near a cluttered area, you will draw attention to the disarray, creating an uninviting appearance.

Instead, the mirror should be opposite a calm and serene space to project that feeling around the room. If you love obsessive decluttering, this will be especially important to you!

The mirror should reflect a well-considered view or artfully arranged space to enhance the overall appeal of your room.

Do: Use to Enhance Space

One of the best qualities of mirrors is how well they create the illusion of space. This is especially important in a small room.

A well-placed, full-length mirror can make a space appear larger and more open. Whether you have a narrow hallway, a compact living room or a tiny storage space, do use mirrors to enhance the size of the room. Through thoughtful placement, you can transform your small room.


Placing a full-length mirror is a bit of an art form. When done well, it can transform small rooms, creating the illusion of space and bringing natural light into the room. If you have been wondering ‘Where should a full length mirror be placed?’, hopefully this article has helped you.

By following our do’s and don’ts, you can use your full-length mirror to its true potential, enhancing brightness, space and the overall look and feel of the room. A mirror is a versatile design feature that can boost the beauty and functionality of your home. You just need to know where to put it!

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